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  The advantages of the raw materials

  Jinshui Cable uses high-purity electrolytic copper, with the purity of 99.995%, and adopt vacuum smelting and vacuum casting method to obtain high quality oxygen-free copper, thus Jinshui Cable can ensure the high conductivity and torsion resistance of the copper conductor.

  Cold control technology is adopted to improve the mechanical and electrical properties of aluminum and aluminum alloy comprehensively. The resistivity of aluminum is not higher than 0.028172 Ωmm2/m, which is higher than the national standard 0.028264 Ωmm2/m.

  Insulating, sheathing and auxiliary materials are made of environmentally friendly, low smoke and halogen-free raw materials, which do not produce toxic gases when burned, thus not causing secondary pollution but guaranteeing the safety of lives. In addition, they have excellent electromechanical properties and the advantages of energy-saving and environmental protection.Excellent production capacity and advanced process equipment

  Jinshui has more than thirty years of extensive cable manufacturing experiences, a high level of technology and production capacity, and 146 cables and wirewire producing and processing procedures. Jinshui Cable can manufacture cables that meet all kinds of standards and requirements according to the needs of markets and users.

  Jinshui possesses more than 300 sets of advanced production equipment, more than 50 sets of measuring and testing equipments and more than 1000 kinds of varieties of supporting tooling. Jinshui Cable has had the longest crosslink production line in the area on the north of the Yangtze River since 2006. Jinshui Cable has advanced equipment and first-class technology.

  Jinshui Cable has outstanding and stable employees, including 79 R&D staffs, 125 senior technicians and 150 intermediate technicians, which lays a sound foundation for the high-level process production capacity of Jinshui.

  Jinshui Cable has perfect testing methods, an excellent R&D team and a good service system

  The company introduced advanced equipment and instruments such as cable bundles combustion test device, partial discharge test of high and middle voltage cable and so on. We are among the few domestic cable enterprises which have the most comprehensive and complete testing and experimental methods. The ex-factory pass rate of our products is 100%.

  Jinshui Cable, the Henan (Cables and WireWire) Enterprise Technology Center, has an excellent R&D team. Jinshui Cable has undertaken a number of National Torch Program projects, having developed many independent property projects and obtained two national invention patents, five national utility model patents and two provincial new product projects.

  The company has established the most competitive marketing network in domestic cable industry, cultivated a group of sales engineers who are proficient in technology and commercial affairs, and strengthened the technical and commercial support on sale. What’s more, we carry out “Three Guarantees” quality commitment to the products and promise a ten-year warranty period.

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